Beasley Coliseum

Promoter's Info - Other Facts

Load-In: Loading door = 19' wide (clear); 11'10" high (clear)

The loading door is on ground-level (no dock).

(Note: THE LOADING DOOR IS NOT ON STAGE LEVEL. There is a 73' ramp with a 10% grade from the loading door down to stage level.)

Forklift with 15' lift; 4,000 lbs. capacity.

Cushman Electric Truckster.

Dressing Rooms: Dressing rooms are not on stage level.

One dressing room (#28) or production office has a private shower, sink, toilet, chairs, lockers, make-up mirrors and lights and telephone.

Capacity = 2

Three, star dressing rooms, (#30, 32, 34) have private showers, sinks, toilets, chairs, couch, lockers, make-up mirrors and lights in each and are carpeted.

Capacity = 4 in each.

Three, team locker rooms (#39, 40, 41) have showers, sinks, toilets, chairs, lockers, make-up mirrors and lights, and are carpeted.

Capacity = 16 in each.

Cougar Lounge: (Rooms #27 and 31) can be divided to serve as wardrobe rooms, hospitality, and as a green room.

Capacity = 134 total.

Parking: Ample parking across the street from the load-in area.

Catering: By arrangement

Telephones: Additional telephones provided by arrangement — allow two weeks.

Visual Effects: Fog machines, ROSCO 1500, 2 each CO2 Fog machines, PeaSouper 1805, 2 each Four channel clear rope chase lights, 30' each 120' total Motorized mirror ball 16", and 22", 1 each

Bananas: Yes, we have no bananas; we had a banana once but the lighting guy ate it!!

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